8th International Bion Conference “Psych’O’analysis : exploration in truth. Thursday, October 23 – Sunday, October 26 2014
“Not O and not K. Then what is the navel of the truth ? ” by Andrea Bocchiola
20th IPSO European Meeting “First Encounters”.  October 24 – October 26 2014, Istanbul 
“The Long and Winding Road to Analysis: The Traumatic Experience of Meeting in the Transference” – Sonia de Cristofaro and Andrea Bocchiola (Italian Psychoanalytic Association); Discussant: Neslihan Zabcı (Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association) ; Moderator: Ayten Dursun Sökücü Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association
American Psychoanalytic Association 103rd Annual Meeting, 6-8 giugno, Chicago
Sonia de Cristofaro discussant IPA-IPSO candidate pannel
Andrea Bocchiola, presenter at a IPA IPSO candidate pannel
Convegno European Psychoanalysis Federation, 10 – 13 aprile 2014, Torino
Sonia de Cristofaro chair at IPSO supervision (Jacqueline Amati-Meheler e Charles Baekeland)
IPSO Meeting, 20-23 settembre 2013, Warsaw
Sonia de Cristofaro e Andrea Bocchiola, title : “Time, tempo and temporality in Psychoanalysis, A matter of when analysis begins”.