Theoretical-Clinical Workshops and Psychoanalysis Seminars – Studio Bandello holds seminars, workshops and supervision groups at different times during the year . Meetings are open to the lay public as well as to students and specialists and are held both in English and in Italian. The psychoanalytic seminars are also held every Tuesday in Verbania.The seminar approaches and explores Freud’s work between psychoanalysis and philosophy. It is open to the public and dedicated to those who wish to approach the complexity and the clinical and theoretical actuality of psychoanalysis.

Psychoeducational Seminars and School Psychology  – The Studio has been active in prevention programs and school psychology in a number of institutions for over 10 years. It offers an Open Psychological Service for adolescents in high school, psycho-educational seminars for students, seminars for parents and workshops  for teachers. The approach to School psychology is aimed at facilitating institutional dynamics by promoting and enlightening communication and collaboration at all levels, between teachers and students and between teachers and parents who share the difficult task of educating and supporting young people’s personal life project.